Several iconic Zelda locations seem to be in Age of Calamity

Lon Lon Ranch is a big one

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity kind of blew my mind when I finally sat down to play the demo. Wait…time travel is involved? It took Omega Force to fully embrace the insanity of the Zelda timeline. I can’t wait to see what madness they create.

Before we all sit down and read timeline debates yet again though, players have been uncovering several iconic locations from past Zelda games and sharing their theories. Here are a few.

The first big one came earlier this month when Nintendo showed off Age of Calamity footage for the first time in the west via their Treehouse stream. 

All of a sudden the “Hateno village born” (itself a revelation) Link found himself in front of a familiar place that folks have had fond memories of for decades: Lon Lon Ranch.

Twitter user TAHK0 also uncovered another potential spot: one that feels more like an homage than a real canon appearance. Mabe Village from Link’s Awakening?

It sure looks like it! Although the chances are slim of Nintendo outright confirming that Mabe Village — thought to be a dream location — is actually centered in Breath of the Wild‘s Hyrule; it’s a neat Easter-egg nonetheless.

Or, it could open up the door that Link was actually dreaming about Breath of the Wild‘s Hyrule in Link’s Awakening as a future premonition.

Now this is a no-brainer, but areas from the now-three-year-old Breath of the Wild will also be playable in a new light: including this breakdown by GameXplain, which showcases the near-perfect rendition of Gerudo Town in Age of Calamity compared to its original counterpart.

While Hyrule Field is obviously a big part of both games (where the differences and damage caused by Calamity Ganon are more stark), we’ll likely have plenty of chances to explore all reaches of the Breath of the Wild map once again.

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