‘Several hours’ of Duke Nukem Forever gameplay is finished

It’s been a while since the Internet had its semi-regular Duke Nukem Forever mention, so let’s have another. 3D Realms boss George Broussard is happy to let the world know that things are coming together for the game, and that the game has several hours of gameplay to show for ten years of development.

“It’s going really well,” states Broussard. “There are several hours of fairly polished game to play. We’re actively testing parts of the game and getting feedback from play testers and things are coming together.”

Wow, several hours — and that’s WHOLE hours as well, I’m willing to bet! “It’s fun, it’s in focus, we know what bits are fun and which are not, and it’s just a matter of time now,” continues the 3D Realms honcho. “I’ve probably never been as happy or excited about the game as I am these days.”

That’s an awesome coincidence, Mr. Broussard. I’ve probably never been happy or excited about the game either. 

Jim Sterling