Seven years after the movie, Turbo Kid is getting a gore-filled game

Dust off that BMX, it’s time to ride once again

Well, here’s one story I didn’t expect I’d ever be covering. Canadian developer Outerminds has announced it is currently hard at work on a video game adaptation of over-the-top action movie Turbo Kid, set for release some seven years after the movie’s premiere.

For those less inclined, Turbo Kid was a low-budget Canadian flick produced during a movie-making zeitgeist which saw an abundance of “’80s grindhouse movies” that – while capturing the spirit of the era – weren’t really like ’80s grindhouse movies. Set in the post-apocalyptic future of 1997, Turbo Kid is the story of an orphaned BMX bandit – The Kid – who battles the armies of warlord Zeus (Michael Ironside) in order to liberate the wasteland and save the (extremely excitable) gal of his dreams, Apple.

Well, It’s a bit like TimeRider: The Adventures of Lyle Swann, I guess.

Turbo Kid‘s video game adaptation, (which falls into the metroidvania genre) will see our hero pedal his way through the urban decay of 1997, in an adventure suitably packed full of ridiculous gore and daubed in retro ’80s aesthetics. There’s still some time to go before Turbo Kid’s can get ridin’, as the game is not scheduled for release until 2022. Still, I guess it’s a shorter gap between movie and game than that of The Warriors.

Turbo Kid is available now on Blu-Ray and on select movie-streaming services.

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