Seven quick tips to get you started in Spider-Man PS4

Spin a web

Spider-Man is a tricky superhero. Without a direct counter system combat requires a little more nuance, and sometimes zipping along the arena can get you farther than direct confrontation.

Here are a few tips to get you started in Spider-Man PS4.

  • Be choosy with your gadgets and don’t waste too much ammo on trash (non-boss/non-elite) fights. Swap to the impact webbing to instantly take out thugs that are using rocket launchers and heavy weapons. Use smaller-time webbing and items on weaker foes.
  • While the small default web power might seem weak, you need to be using it correctly to instantly incapacitate enemies. Web them up then quickly launch them (hold Square) and combo them into a wall or the floor — most foes will stick to it and enter a “knocked out” state.
  • One of the first suit abilities you unlock, Battle Focus, is one of the best throughout the entire game. During lengthy chase sessions you can slowly use it to refill your health when building focus isn’t otherwise possible.
  • When you’re on an edge, don’t ever forget that you can press L3 to “perch.” This allows you to enter a state where you can utilize perch stealth takedowns.
  • Use the X button to air-dash, then swing, then repeat as swinging resets the air dash cooldown. This works even better with the double dash upgrade.
  • Pressing up on the direction pad will allow you to take pictures, but holding L2 will focus the lens and force slow motion mode. Use this to take a look at the city from high up and get an easy picture of landmarks. Alternatively simply holding L2 will put you in the same slow motion state.
  • Consider upgrading momentum in addition to raw damage and gadget abilities. There are several big chase sequences and having mobility upgrades will help make those easier.
Chris Carter
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