Seven new games are lined up for Xbox Game Pass in the next two weeks

Clear your schedule for Outer Worlds

Stories about Xbox Game Pass can be a little weird from our side because a lot of it is repeat territory. For instance, the headliner today is The Outer Worlds, which we’ve known would be a day-one addition for a long time. On the flip side, Subnautica is coming to Game Pass and it’s the first time that’s been mentioned anywhere.

So, we’re left to sift through a bunch of old posts, comparing them to press releases, and quietly wondering “Wait, what’s actually news here?” The answer? Everything has a date now. Whether it’s just being announced now or we’ve known about it from some long-passed Inside Xbox stream, now we know exactly when these titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Here’s what the next two weeks of Xbox Game Pass looks like:

  • Lonely Mountains: Downhill — October 23 (Xbox Game Pass)
  • Secret Neighbor — October 23 (Xbox Game Pass)
  • Minit — October 24 (Xbox Game Pass)
  • The Outer Worlds — October 25 (Xbox Game Pass, Game Pass for PC)
  • Afterparty — October 29 (Xbox Game Pass)
  • LEGO Star Wars III — October 31 (Xbox Game Pass)
  • Subnautica — November 7 (Xbox Game Pass)
Brett Makedonski
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