Seven bucks gets you an Alan Wake DLC episode

Alan Wake is a pretty cool guy, and you know, I have grown to love his agent Barry Wheeler even after an admittedly rough start. I pray that Remedy gets to releasing the two announced add-on episodes before too long, or else I’m going to start forgetting key plot points. Oh shoot — it’s already happening!

Joystiq got word straight from Remedy’s Oskari Hakkinen that both “The Signal” and “The Writer” will be associated with an affordable $7 price tag. Of course, if you still have that handy slip of paper tucked inside your new copy of Alan Wake, you can download “The Signal” for free.

Because I want answers, dammit, I’ll surely be getting these. The reasonable pricing is just icing.

Alan Wake DLC episodes priced at $7 each [Joystiq]

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