Seth Rogen is making a show about a socially inept gamer who saves the world

With Peeta (not Pita)

I like a lot of Seth Rogen joints for a multitude of reasons, but in his attempt to scattershot ideas with his writing partner Evan Goldberg over cross joints, he can come up with some pretty bad stuff. That basically sums up my feelings towards his new Hulu show concept — bad.

It’s called Future Man, and stars Josh Hutcherson (Peeta from Hunger Games fame) as the “socially inept” Josh Futturman, who is a janitor by day, and a “world-ranked gamer” by night. In the most blatant way possible that also avoids copyright infringement, it seems to be a Last Starfighter riff, as Hutcherson will need to use his skills to save the human race from aliens.

Of course, said gamer is bad with women, and lives with his parents. Hey! That sounds a lot like Pixels!

Josh Hutcherson to Star in Hulu Comedy ‘Future Man’ From Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg [Hollywood Reporter]

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