Set aside time for Resident Evil 2’s classic costumes and new mode this weekend

The Ghost Survivors

I hope you’re ready to strap in for more Resident Evil 2 this weekend. On February 15, Capcom is releasing The Ghost Survivors, a free batch of DLC exploring second-chance what-if scenarios with gun shop owner Robert Kendo, the mayor’s daughter Katherine, and Ghost, one of Hunk’s fellow Umbrella Security Service squadmates. This blessed game isn’t leaving my mind anytime soon.

I’m wrapping up my fourth playthrough of Resident Evil 2 right now and I’ve got at least a few more in me, but sure, bring on more bonuses. As detailed today, The Ghost Survivors introduces three zombie variants: one that’s poisonous, one that’s resilient against normal ammo, and one that’s decked out in armor. These new scenarios are called No Time to Mourn, Runaway, and Forgotten Soldier.

Similar to the bonus mode The 4th Survivor, we’ll want to get through the three new gauntlets as quickly as possible to prove we’ve still got it. Items can be earned by killing backpack-wearing zombies or by making a single selection in vending machines. The Ghost Survivors also packs in Training mode, which starts you out with “additional items and item slots” and is “a great way to learn enemy positions and routes before you tackle each scenario on their standard, more challenging difficulty.”

"Seeking to escape Raccoon City with a certain someone, Katherine Warren must navigate the streets while avoiding a strangely mutated type of zombie that can only be stopped with particularly powerful ammunition."

For added replayability, Capcom will have new achievements and trophies for The Ghost Survivors along with challenges that unlock decorations like a tiger mask and a “cuddly raccoon” that sits on your head.

Finally, February 15 will also roll out the free ’98 classic low-poly costumes for Claire and Leon. According to the PlayStation Blog, the outfits will be claimable from the PlayStation Store. Easy peasy!

Resident Evil 2 DLC “The Ghost Survivors” Launches February 15 on PS4 [PlayStation Blog]

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