September sees Neo Geo games on Virtual Console … in Japan

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SNK has confirmed that Neo Geo games will officially be coming to the Japanese Virtual Console this September. The new format will cost gamers 900 Wii Points per title, which is $190 less than they used to cost at retail. What a steal!

The first title will be available on September 11, with the 2D fighter Fatal Fury. Later in the month, Japanese gamers can expect to see both World Heroes and Magician Lord. Gamers in other parts of the world can just cry about how they don’t have Fatal Fury, World Heroes, and Magician Lord on their Virtual Console.

This definitely a nice start to what could be an awesome collection of titles for Nintendo’s Shop Channel. What Neo Geo games are on your Virtual Console wish list? Garou: Mark of the Wolves for me, please. How many wolves must die?

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