September gaming laptop deals start at $535

Cheap gaming laptops for the week

In an ideal world, everyone would cheaply possess a razor-thin 4K GTX 1080 laptop. Of course, not everyone can blow $2,500+ for a machine like that, but these days, even around $500 will get you something decent: a machine capable of running modern PC games.

Today on Adorama’s eBay page, a Lenovo 700 15.6-inch laptop with a Quad Core-i5 6th-gen processor and discrete Nvidia GTX 950M graphics card dropped to only $535. There’s free shipping in the states and sales tax only in NJ and NY. This is a new low on this model by $45.

While the GTX 950M is more than capable on running modern titles, it is of course far from a “heavy duty” gaming laptop (after all, it’s only $535). Most 2016 titles should be able to do playable frame rates in low settings, and for select titles such as Overwatch, you’ll even be able to run the game at high settings. (Based on benchmarks here.)

For more graphics-intensive titles such as Doom, you’re probably going to have to tone down your settings to about medium and with resolution at 720p for consistent frame rates. For most older titles, you should be able to run at high or maximum settings without a sweat, and you’ll be able to enjoy the IPS panel the Ideapad 700 offers.

If the Ideapad 700 doesn’t strike your fancy, we’re spotting a few other noteworthy gaming laptop deals as we close out September. Check the list below for the best gaming laptop deals of the month, with pricing starting at $535 for the aforementioned Lenovo Ideapad 700, to gaming laptops ranging in $800 such as the ASUS ROG laptop with a Core i7 and a GTX 960M.

Gaming Laptop Deals for September 2016

Note: Interestingly enough, the HP Pavilion for $800 is very similar spec to the Lenovo Ideapad 700 being sold by Adorama but costs $265 more… Lastly, all gaming laptops listed above come with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS panel. Just in case you’re wondering. 🙂

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