Seller asks $750 for a Final Fantasy VII jacket

Final Fantasy, and the seventh game in the series in particular, never seems to go out of style. But I think you’d really have to dig the game’s style to drop $750 for a Final Fantasy VII varsity-style jacket.

I don’t think you’ll be surprised to hear that the auction ended yesterday with no bidders. The seller claims that only 50 of these items were ever made, and that he nabbed this from the official Web site some time around 1997-1998. 

I know the estimated value of this jacket as I have contacted the makers of Final Fantasy VII.  I have a very keen interest in selling the Jacket, I just hope that there is someone out there who wants to own an extremely rare piece of gaming history.

What would you get for $750? It’s a wool and leather jacket that has the Squaresoft logo on the breast and a huge FF7 logo on the back. Of course, $750 could instead buy you every Final Fantasy title ever made, and still have enough left over for a nice dinner. Oh, and you might have to save the rest to buy some sex, because you’ll never get any the normal way by owning this jacket.

If you were to bid right now, what would you offer for this jacket?

[Via GameSniped]

Dale North