Sell the farm, take home your very own life size Big Daddy statue

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If you’ve got 1,200 to spare (that’s roughly 1700 U.S. dollars to you lazy Americans), I’ve got just the thing for you — a life size model of BioShock‘s coverboy, a Big Daddy!

Currently being sold on eBay, the life size model was created by the -based Studio Oxmox for Take2 Interactive. Life sized in this case means 6 feet, four inches, and 97 pounds. The seller notes that delivery is not an option, so you’ll have to pick up your new friend.

“You will need a van or a lorry as the model is pretty damned large,” they write.

Now, neither of our Brits are around to tell me what the hell a “lorry” is, but I’m going to assume it’s something that someone who has too much money to spare owns. And if that person happens to be you, and you’re fine with spending $1700 on a Big Daddy statue … can I borrow some money to pay my rent?

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