Select few getting Dead Space 2 multiplayer beta invites

Surprise! Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have launched the multiplayer beta for its hotly-anticipated Dead Space 2. Bad news? It’s extremely limited, in closed beta for a select number of folks.

Check your email, though — invites went out last night for the beta, which appears to be for PlayStation 3 only. Participants were apparently “hand selected,” and are being asked to “provide specific feedback around gameplay challenges, likes and dislikes, and general thoughts for improvement.” A private forum has been created where testers can discuss the beta, so it sounds like EA is trying to keep the details under wraps. (Yeah, that’s likely.)

Exactly how these fans were selected or where EA/Visceral got their email addresses is unclear. Your best bet might be to just sign up for every official Dead Space community website, be it forums or Facebook or whatever. Or you can just wait until January 25 to play, because that’s when the game hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Nick Chester