Sega’s The Seventh Dragon launches official website and trailer

Want to know more about Sega’s upcoming RPG, The Seventh Dragon? I have excellent news — both an official website and a new trailer has launched, and both are looking like the food of the gods to this RPG enthusiast. Japanese artist mota is heading up character design, while Kazuya Niinou will direct (and since he was behind both the first installments of Trauma Center and Etrian Odyssey, that’s a very, very good thing).

Thanks to the translation skills of Siliconera, we have some information on classes as well: you can create characters from pre-set classes at the start of the game. The available classes are Mage, Rogue, Princess, Healer, Knight, Samurai and Fighter. It seems there may be some others available as well, but they are not confirmed yet, although you can certainly guess at them (see the gallery picture).

This is due out in Japan in Spring 2009. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a US release of this lovely looking title — cross yours too, please.

Colette Bennett