Sega’s ‘Project Needlemouse’ to get proper name next week

We all know that Sega’s “Project Needlemouse” refers to the publisher’s next Sonic game, but what is it really called? Well, Sega knows, but they’re not telling… yet. 

They are prepared to spill the beans on Monday, however, under one condition — it can collect over 100 pieces of fan-made concept art by Monday at 10:00 AM. If that criteria is met, “it will also be the last time we refer to the game by its code name,” Sega writes on its blog.

So hop to it. Start drawing pictures of robotic lobsters and stuff on cocktail napkins and send it over to Sega. We simply have got to know what this game is called. You think it will include the words “Sonic” or “Hedgehog”? 

Project Needlemouse Community Challenge 2, New Concept Art, and a very special reward! [SEGA America Blog via VG247]

Nick Chester