Sega’s new handheld is not a gaming system, sadly

Mildly related: I swear I almost bought a Sega Nomad the other day. I know it would’ve been a total waste of money, but it was just sitting there, looking lonely and dejected in the glass case at my local retro game store. And only $50. I may go back today.

Oh yeah — this Sega thing. Well, don’t get too excited, as it’s not a game system. Something called the Sega Vision sounds like it could be, but it’s more like a portable media player. According to the hands-on at Seganerds, it did have some Flash gaming capabilities at first, but Sega pulled this functionality from the device later.

What does it do? It plays video and music files, takes pictures, records voice notes, and even has radio and television built in. Just like everything else in this world.

Should you want one anywyay, you’ll be disappointed to know that the device is only available as a prize in Sega’s UFO Catcher machines. Seganerds says that Sega Prize Europe is looking to sell the devices online and potentially at certain retail outlets, though.

I guess you can put some YouTube rips of some Sonic speed runs and add some Sonic CD mp3s and act like it’s a game system. That would be even more sad. 

Dale North