Sega’s director of animation wants another Sonic cartoon, I say bring it on

‘Sonic…he can really move’

We’re in agreement that the 1993-1994 Sonic the Hedgehog TV show is the best incarnation, right? It had that dark tone where anyone could be killed (sorry, robotocized) at any time, as well as that kick ass theme song. On the flipside, I also dig the silliness of the “chili dog” humor and Looney Tune sensibilities of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: and the Sonic Mania shorts aren’t bad at all.

The point is, you can do Sonic right in cartoon form, and Sega’s director of animation Yukio Kusumoto is ready to prove it again. Speaking to, Kusumoto mused: “I think the world is definitely ready for another TV show, and I would love to work on it. There are several discussions and this is coming from me personally…I would love Sonic to continue, so I’ll keep trying to put more stuff out there.”

Sega will likely land a project in the next few years, just based on history. Sonic has pretty much consistently been on TV since 1993, as the iconic character jumped to Sonic Underground in the late ’90s, then to Sonic X in the 2000s, then to Sonic Boom in the 2010s.

Sega’s Director of Animation Says the World Is Ready for a New Sonic the Hedgehog TV Show [Comicbook]

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