Sega’s Daytona USA being revived with a new name?

Get out your robotic vibrato singing voice, as classic Sega racing game Daytona USA could be making a comeback in some form.

Some recently uncovered artwork for an arcade game called Sega Racing Classic came out of Sega Europe. While it doesn’t actually say Daytona USA anywhere on the art, the Sega AM2 logo is there, as is the flashy cars and blue, blue skies we remember.

So where’s the Daytona name? Kombo reports that EA may have the lock on the license. This name may be the workaround for Sega.

Also of note is the Ringwide logo. Ringwide is Sega’s newest arcade tech, with power comparable to the Xbox 360 or PS3. I’m already thinking console port, though this game has not even been confirmed yet.

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