Sega to bring more import hotness to Wii-owning wide-eyed devils

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In a move that we could only hope brings more cries of “best week EVER” from Retroforce GO‘s very own Chad Concelmo, Sega has promised to deliver more import Genesis titles to the Wii’s Virtual Console. Following in the footsteps of Alien Soldier‘s release, we’ve been promised “a number” of fellow import goodies, though we’ll have to wait and see which ones.

Considering no actual importing has been done, I find it somewhat insulting that these new titles will have an increased price point of 900 Wii Points, but then I find the idea of paying for unaltered ROMs rather unappealing anyway. I’m a miserable, Scrooge-like character, if you couldn’t tell already.

For people who aren’t me, however, and have resisted downloading these ROMs that we weren’t allowed to have back in the day, this could be great news. I expect people to lap up the “imported” grandeur like eager cats in a veritable sea of cream.


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