Sega still insists The Incredible Hulk game is ‘realistic,’ sends us new screens

Sega’s upcoming game The Incredible Hulk may be a lot of things, but one thing it’s not is “realistic.” We’re talking about a massive green dude tearing apart New York City, folks. Still, Sega keep insisting that the title is an “intensely realistic third-person action” game. Not simply realistic — “intensely realistic.” That’s a wild claim right there. 

Realistic or not, the game isn’t looking half bad, and the dynamic open world of New York City combined with the wild amount of destruction Sega is promising has my attention. But movie tie-in games always have me worried. I just saw Iron Man today (only cost me and my wife $40!) and was totally impressed; has anyone played Sega’s Iron Man game yet? I haven’t, so I’m not making any judgments — I’ll leave that up to you guys.

The Incredible Hulk hits shelves next month, just in time for the film’s June 13 release.

Nick Chester