Sega: Reaction to Sonic 4 was ‘like a nuclear explosion’

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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 may have been swathed in controversies and angry comments from perpetually displeased fanboys, but Sega is confident that the general community is happy. Likening Sonic 4‘s original reaction to a nuclear explosion, brand manager Ken Balough has confidently claimed that Sonic 4 is what people want. 

“I think fans were on board with it from the start,” explains Balough. “We started the campaign very early on in September and we didn’t announce what the game was going to be called, we simply referred to it as Project Needlemouse. Right off the bat, all I said was that it’s a 2D Sonic, built from the ground up in HD and the fan feedback went off like a nuclear explosion.

“Just everybody loved it right off the bat. It was the most popular trailer Sega’s ever done in history and that record was only broken when I announced Sonic 4 with the rest of the team, and when we came out with Sonic 4, it was like, boom. It surpassed even [the Needlemouse] trailer record. So we all know we’re on the right track because the fans have told us this is what we want.”

So far I’ve seen more whining than excitement from Sonic fans, but hopefully Sega’s right and that’s just the minority. I liked what I played of Sonic 4 and definitely have high hopes for the game. We’ll see if the miserable Sonic community will be just as pleased when it launches. 


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