Sega Mega Drive bag is the coolest freaking thing ever

If you know me personally, you know one of my major weak points is the melding of gaming influence and fashion. I love the fact that there are tons of gamer t-shirts out there, but the stuff that really makes me flip my lid is a tad more fashion forward, such as a pair of heels with Pac-Man printed on them or the bag above which I am experiencing titanic waves of arousal over.

Cospa posted this Mega Drive bag recently along with a sporty jacket and a double sided t-shirt. The bag retails for 3,800 yen (about $39 US), while the jacket is 4.935 yen and the shirt is 3.045 yen. Of course, you can’t have any of them unless you happen to be reading this page from eastern lands, because they don’t ship to the US. The horror! I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one in hopes it pops up on some of my trusty favorite sites. Tell me you wouldn’t check out a chick sporting one of these. Hot!

[Update: our own Coffeesash found a place to pick this bag up for interested parties in the US. HOORAY!]

[Thanks, Andres!]

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