Sega likes motion control and its ‘land grab’ opportunity

Sega is looking forward to a world without proper controllers, believing that so-called “gestural” gaming presents a significant opportunity to the company. Personally I can’t wait for Sony and Microsoft’s pathetic “me too” motion fad to f*ck off and die in a ditch somewhere, but that’s why I’m not a game publisher.

“Being the largest third-party publisher on Wii we obviously have good gestural experience so for us I can see an opportunity to get a land grab on some of our competitors by taking our head start in gestural gaming and evolving it,” states Sega’s Gary Dunn. “I was blown away by it, both systems offer us so many opportunities to do great things with videogames,” said Dunn of the competing technology unveiled at E3 for the first time this year.

“I immediately now want to make another Virtua Tennis. There’s so many games and possibilities. I want to go away and lock myself in a dark room with some of our cleverest chaps and see what we can do with it. We’ve got to look in different directions to almost throw history away and it requires a whole new way of thinking. We’ve got to ask what can we do with this, because completely different genres of games could open up.” 

Dunn is expecting Sega to both throw motion control in with existing franchises and go completely left field with some brand new ideas. He does, however, note that this will increase Sega’s workload, but that it’s “too early” to tell what issues may crop up. 

He’s certainly excited for this crap, isn’t he?

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