Sega: Leaked Crucible video isn’t ours

During the great Father’s Day marketing leak of 2008, a video was unearthed bearing only The Crucible for a name. Putting two and two together, Internet Matlocks presumed it to be early footage of the game that Silicon Knights is making for Sega. The house that Sonic built has now come out and denied such allegations.

Sega’s Steve Groll had this to say to MTV:

“That video is not the game that Silicon Knights is creating for us. I have no idea if it is a game they are working on for someone else, but it’s definitely not the project that Silicon Knights and SEGA are producing. I can’t reveal any info about the game we currently have in development, but I can tell you that it is not titled ‘The Crucible.’ More news about our game coming soon.”

So, The Crucible remains but a mystery. Could be a new game, but could even be nothing at all, if the Great Leak was indeed mostly conceptual market research. Time, like that pregnant woman who survived being pushed down the stairs, will tell.

James Stephanie Sterling