Sega kid’s Do Want: Sega Saturn backpack

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Anyone that knows me (or has read this page enough) knows that I’m a Sega Saturn whore. And I could never tell you exactly why — I don’t really have the best reasons. I…like the d-pad? I dunno. I just feel this unnatural love for the little box, and I still play it on a regular basis. I may have more Saturn games than I do current-gen ones.

That’s why I must have this Sega Saturn backpack, coming from the Sega Store of Enterbrain’s sales site. Sure, the system has been dead for ten years, but my love lives on, and this backpack is currently available. Of course, being a Japanese specialty item, it’s going to cost you: 7,140 yen (about $70). It only comes in grey, the default Japanese Saturn color. This is geeky enough to invite ass kickings, yet still, I’m sold.

Speaking of Saturn colors, GameSetWatch also links us to a cool colored Saturn mod that mixes the a white Japanese Saturn with a Black U.S. one, complete with matching analog controller. It looks pretty slick, if you ask me. And it sits alonside two other rare Sega products, including a Hello Kitty Dreamcast. 

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