Sega isn’t making a home console, they’re thinking of proliferating the AtGames Genesis Flashback

It’s doubtful they’ll ever return to the real console hustle

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This past week, folks were pretty stoked to learn from Sega COO Kenji Matsubara (by way of Yahoo! Japan) that Sega would be releasing “a new console” in the region.

As most of us expected a new, actual Sega console is not going to happen. Rather, Matsubara was referring to the existing AtGames Sega Genesis Flashback — a sort of NES/SNES Mini competitor that comes pre-loaded with 85 games, and can accept game carts. Matsubara notes that Sega is “considering” bringing the device east to sell in Japan. The thing is, the Flashback is a pretty polarizing piece of hardware. Some folks like it just fine, others have found numerous emulation issues with it.

Either way, the seemingly big news is that Sega wants to potentially import a device that emulates their own games. If that’s the case, then there’s no real incentive for them to create an official, quality “Genesis Mini” anytime soon.

SEGA COO Announces Plans to Re-Introduce Mega Drive… by Importing the AtGames Genesis into Japan [Sega Driven]

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