Sega is remixing old Sonic Adventure music, so people think a remake is coming

I’d be there day one

Remember when I paid tribute to 9/9/99 recently (September 9, 1999)? Sonic Adventure was a huge part of making that day special, and Sega knows this, trotting it out constantly for fans.

The latest effort is an official “Welcome to Station Square” remix with Tee Lopes featuring Jun Senoue, the latter of whom has worked on the scores for countless Sonic games, and most recently, Team Sonic Racing. For those of you who aren’t aware, Station Square is a major location for the inaugural Adventure game, serving as an open world exploration hub.

Sega dropped this on their YouTube this week with the simple message “it’s time for some musical throwbacks,” which is super cheeky to say the least. Although any buzz about a Sonic Adventure remake/modern remaster (we’d already had a few of those) is completely fan-made; it stands to reason that Sega would want to mine nostalgia and get back to the basics following their success with Sonic Mania and their folly with Sonic Forces.

Chris Carter
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