Sega is planning a life-sized Virtual On…poster

Sega has plans to promote the upcoming 15th anniversary of their mech game Virtual On. One of the biggest is a promotion for the Xbox 360 version of Virtual On Force, which is due for release on December 22nd in Japan. They’re going big. Life-sized big. But it’s not as grand as what was done with Gundam recently in Japan

Instead of a life-sized statue, we’re getting a life-sized…poster.  The rather large Sega’s GiGO building in the Akihabara district of Tokyo will be plastered with a big poster of Virtual On‘s Temjin 747A Virtualoid mech, says Andria Sang. While that will be big and kind of impressive, it will be disappointing with its 2D-ness, especially with that awesome Gundam mech that stood over Odaiba still fresh on the minds of gamers. 

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