Sega is ‘MAKING RPG NOW’ with dragons n’ stuff

If you go to Sega Japan’s new address you will be greeted with this rather enthusiastic proclamation: “We’re making RPG now!” Yes folks, Sega Japan is indeed making RPG now with what looks like a brand new IP involving dragons and flowers.

The game is preparing to be revealed in the September 26 issue of Famitsu so we have very little to work with at the moment. What we do know is that Skies of Arcadia producer Rieko Kodama has a hand in the project. There is also some nice chiptunin’ going on as well, which may or may not suggest that this is a Nintendo DS title. The music certainly evokes memories of early Final Fantasy games in any case. Interested? I certainly am. 

Sega is making interest in game now!

James Stephanie Sterling