Sega has plans for 3D, will ‘invest heavily’ in it

Sega is pumped about Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS hardware, which we’ll see for ourselves in a couple of weeks. They’re so jazzed about it that they’re saying that it’s going to be something they focus on in the future.

Sega’s head of entertainment, Naoya Tsurumi, says that 3D is the next big thing. “I believe 3D will become a big wave,” he says in Nikkei Trendy’s “keyman” interview series. “The Nintendo 3DS is a landmark hardware. We’d like to invest heavily in it.”

Sega likes 3D enough to even be thinking about console games. While he echoes what other game guys have said about the ease of making games 3D compatible, he says that the success of console 3D games will depend on the spread of 3D television sets.

This year Sega plans to release between 12 and 15 titles, including new IPs. I wonder how many of these will be 3DS launch titles.

Speaking of Sega and 3D, does anyone remember their first attempt? Remember the Master System 3D glasses (seen above)?

Sega’s Naoya Tsurumi on Mario & Sonic, Vanquish and 3DS [Andria Sang]

Dale North