Sega gives Sonic fans the okay to make games

You’re too DMCA’ed

Nintendo is notorious for sending out cease-and-desist notices for fan games based on its IPs. Just this year, we’ve seen AM2R and Pokémon Uranium taken down despite the creators not asking for money. It seems like fans looking to pay tribute to their favorite games are at a loss.

Sega has been fairly lax with its stance on fan games and a recent YouTube comment from the official Sonic the Hedgehog channel confirms as much.

This shouldn’t be too surprising to Sonic fans. The official Twitter account for Sonic has been ripe with memes and otherwise insane content. It seems like Sega knows how to appeal to a modern audience, even if it still can’t quite nail a good Sonic game.

Sonic Mania looks to change that, but I have no idea about the other 2017 Sonic game. The inclusion of classic Sonic seems like a desperate attempt to appeal to older crowds who don’t even want a 3D platformer with the Blue Blur. Maybe this YouTube comment is in the same vein?

Either way, this is nice to see from an official source. I never understood the point of silencing fan creations as people are going to pay tribute whether you let them or not. At least Nintendo isn’t going the route of Konami and pulling fan art.

Official Sonic Youtube Channel Encourages Fans To Keep Making Sonic Fan Games [NeoGAF]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.