Sega: EA will ruin Facebook

Sega Of America CEO Simon Jeffery has been talking about how videogames companies use social networks to their advantage, but has issued a stern warning that “over investment” in the market could turn users away, and ultimately lead to the downfall of a network.

Using MySpace as an example, Jeffery suggests that as soon as “tha kidz” sense an overbearing corporate presence in a social network, they move on to greener pastures. It’s still very trendy to hate huge corporations, so it’s a theory that actually makes sense, discounting the main fact that MySpace is simply an ad-riddled, buggy piece of trash. The Sega boss then namechecked EA, stating that it would ruin Facebook’s appeal.

“The social networking area is challenging for game companies,” stated Jeffery. “As soon as EA focuses on Facebook, the kids will move on. Look at how fast MySpace came and went in the US. That space needs to mature. We will play in it but won’t over-invest.”

Could EA ruin Facebook? I’m sure they’ll give it a bloody damn could try!

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