Sega bigs up Platinum Games, says MadWorld is so unique it ‘aches’

Platinum Games is looking set to have a big year, generating a lot of talk with its two big Sega titles, Bayonetta and MadWorld. Understanding that it might just have a shot at some Triple A releases this year, Sega is not shy about bigging these games up.

Sega Europe COO & President Mike Hayes has admitted that so-called “casual” games are where the company has been most successful, but suggested that this year will see Sega reap the rewards of appealing to the “core” market. 

Madworld is so unique it aches,” boasts Hayes. “Also, Bayonetta has to be one of the best looking 360 and PS3 games on the market. Cutting-edge Japanese developed titles such as those from Platinum Games will suit the western market perfectly.”

It’s sad that most Wii owners won’t appreciate a game like MadWorld, and especially in England, some publicly whine that its violence “spoils” the Wii’s fun image. Still, the blood-spattered brawler has been rated by the BBFC and is coming to Britain whether people who think they know what Wii games should be like it or not.

Jim Sterling