Sega at TGS: Persona 5, possible Vanillaware and Yakuza Studio new games

Persona 5 news may come before the show

Sega’s got a lot going on at Tokyo Game Show 2015 between Sega proper, Sega Networks, and Atlus. There’s already word we’ll be getting a new Yakuza announcement, but Yakuza Studio might also be announcing a new PS3 and PS4 title code named Lexus, as sleuthed by Games Talk.

Similarly, Sega’s TGS site code also references “Thirteen Mecha Soldier Defense Zone,” which many believe to be the new project from Atlus and Vanillaware. It would be in addition to the HD Odin Sphere and match the companies’ previous release timing that paired Muramasa HD with a new game in Dragon’s Crown.

Vanillaware also posted this above artwork in its 2013 holiday card which also features the title, “Thirteen Mecha Soldier Defense Zone” and would have been around the time the game was in early production (after the aforementioned 2013 releases of Dragon’s Crown and Muramasa).

As for what Sega is confirming,


  • Phantasy Star Online 2—PS4, Vita, PC (playable demo for PS4, stage)
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X—PS4, Vita (slayable demo for Vita, stage)
  • 7th Dragon III Code: VFD—3DS (playable demo, stage)
  • Miracle Girls Festival—Vita (playable demo, stage)
  • World End Eclipse—Vita, PC, Android, iOS (stage)
  • Dengeki Bunko: Fighting climax Ignition—PS4, PS3, Vita (playable demo for PS4, stage)
  • Blade Arcus from Shining EX—PS4, PS3 (playable demo for PS4, stage)
  • Sega NET MAhjong MJ—PC, Android, iOS (stage)

Sega Networks:

  • Sen no Kaizoku—Android, iOS (stage)
  • Chain Chronicle V—Vita (stage)


  • Persona 5—PS4, PS3 (stage)
  • Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir—PS4, PS3, Vita (playable demo for PS4)

龍が如くスタジオの新作?セガTGS特設サイトにて『LEXUS』なるPS4/PS3向け未発表タイトルが発掘される [Games Talk]
Sega announces TGS 2015 lineup [Gematsu]

Steven Hansen