Sega announces Phantasy Star Zero Mini for Japanese DSiWare

I’m torn all over the place about the Nintendo DSi. I wanted the blue US release, but it can’t play Japanese games, and since more than half of what I play is just that, I had to drop the idea. Then news of Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Damacy appeared and I salivated for it, as expected. Now, Famitsu reveals that Sega is bringing over a special version of Phantasy Star called Phantasy Star Zero Mini. Dammit, Japanese DSi it is, then…

The game will be cheaply priced at 200 DSi points and is basically a score attack where you choose from three characters and try your hand at defeating a creature called Raven. The game will support up to four player for wireless play and feature a “visual chat” messaging service.

I’m skeptical what kind of game you get for two dollars, but that doesn’t make me any less curious about it. Not to mention, the DSiWare I’ve heard about so far sounds a hell of a lot better than the WiiWare offerings I get here in the states. Anyone import a DSi in hopes of checking out the Japanese DSiWare offerings?

[Via IGN]

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