Sega Ages Out Run is getting a soundtrack release in Japan

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Out Run is an arcade classic with some exceptional music. Its various ports and sequels over the years have only added to that rich musical landscape with new tunes for each game. When it got released on Switch late last year, it came packed with even more tunes for you to cruise with, giving you another excuse to speed down the fictional streets of Out Run-ville (that’s my unofficial name for the place). Now, those songs are finally coming to a CD for you to play everywhere.

Sega has announced that a “Sega Ages Out Run Music Collection” will be heading to the Sega Store on February 23, 2019. Going for 2,500 yen, it will include 15 tracks that contain the original four songs, the bonus ones created for the 3DS and Switch ports and a select number from Out Run 2 and 2006. It isn’t a definitive collection, but it beats having none of these songs available.

You can see the full song list below. While it is unlikely to come West, CD’s aren’t region locked. It might be a bit difficult getting it from the official Sega website, but there are bound to be listings on eBay within a month of release.

  • 01. Magical Sound Shower (1986 Arcade「OutRun」) Composer: Hiro
  • 02. Passing Breeze (1986 Arcade「OutRun」) Composer: Hiro
  • 03. Splash Wave (1986 Arcade「OutRun」) Composer: Hiro
  • 04. Cruising Line (2014 Nintendo 3DS「3D OutRun」) Composer: Manabu Namiki
  • 05. Camino a Mi Amor (2014 Nintendo 3DS「3D OutRun」) Composer: Jane-Evelyn Nisperos
  • 06. Step on Beat -Arcade Edition- (2018 Nintendo Switch「SEGA AGES OutRun」) Composer: CHAMY.Ishi Arranger: Sakuoki Kudo
  • 07. Midnight Highway -PlayBack- (2018 Nintendo Switch「SEGA AGES OutRun」) Composer: SEGA Arranger: Sakuoki Kudo
  • 08. Radiation -Nostalgic Ver.- (2018 Nintendo Switch「SEGA AGES OutRun」) Composer: Hiro Arranger: Sakuoki Kudo
  • 09. Driver’s MegaMix Vol.1 (2018 Nintendo Switch「SEGA AGES OutRun」) Composer: Hiro Arranger: Jane-Evelyn Nisperos
  • 10. Last Wave (1986 Arcade「OutRun」) Composer: Hiro
  • -Original Music-
  • 11. Step on Beat (1991 MEGA DRIVE「OutRun」) Composer: CHAMY.Ishi
  • 12. Midnight Highway PSG Sound Ver. (1989 SEGA MASTER SYSTEM [Overseas Edition]「OutRun 3-D」) Composer: SEGA
  • 13. Midnight Highway FM Sound Ver. (1989 SEGA MASTER SYSTEM [Overseas Edition]「OutRun 3-D」) Composer: SEGA
  • 14. Radiation (2006 PlayStation 2 / PlayStation Portable / Xbox / PC「OutRun2006 Coast 2 Coast」・2007 PlayStation 2「OutRun2 SP」) Composer & Arranger : Hiro Additional Keyboard Solo : Hiro & Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
  • -Bonus Track-
  • 15. Magical Sound Shower -SOUND! SHOCK Trance Ver.- Composer & Arranger: Hiro

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