Seeing this person’s Pokémon run away after being let out is the absolute best

Go west, young Sliggoo

If you’ve ever watched the Pokemon anime, you’re probably used to seeing cheeky antics, and more mischievous Pokemon who don’t actually want to get crammed into that itty bitty living space trainers call Pokeballs. But seeing it play out in the heavily orchestrated games is just amazing.

Reddit user sentrous shared a recent anecdote (with video!) on how they attempted to open up their kid’s copy of Pokemon Violet to help them fill up their Pokedex. Sweet, right? Well, the Sliggo that popped out, presumably in follow mode, made a run for it. The below video is smile-worthy at minimum, as the Sliggo just completely makes a break for it (the trainer looking ominously at us at the end just makes it). Of course they’re not lost forever (it would be kind of funny it they were), and folks are using this opportunity to talk about the time their personal Pokemon similarly ran off a cliff (and miraculously survived).

A “bounty PVP flag/Ultimate Online” type FFA Pokemon MMO world would be wild to see. Imagine fighting over Pokemon pink slips! It’ll be interesting to see how all the Pokemon act in the new iteration of the anime, which is playing out sans Ash. The captain-hat Pikachu is especially intriguing to me, as it’ll take me quite a bit of time to get used to a Pikachu in-universe that’s not the sweet protagonist Pikachu we’ve known and loved for years. Maybe there’s room for the Scarlet & Violet cast to get a little fiesty!

Chris Carter
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