Seeds officially changes their name to Platinum Games

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Quick recap just in case you don’t already know (but I trust most of you Dtoid regulars know quite well), Seeds is a game company made up of several major members of the now-defunct Clover Studios. It seems Seeds has decided to go with an official name change, which disappoints me as I really liked the uniqueness of the name. The new name is Platinum Studios, which was changed after a merge with the mysterious ODD Corporation.

I hope despite the change to a name blander than a bowl of plain oatmeal, Platinum can keep working on dynamic titles that break the mold. Clover titles like Okami and Godhand made a major impact on the industry and lent some fire to the games as art debate. Now we just have to wait patiently and see what the first offering from this promising studio may bring.

[Via Almost Monumental – Thanks Joe!] 

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