See Left 4 Dead’s ‘Survival mode’ in glorious motion

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No one really knew exactly what to expect from the upcoming free downloadable content for Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360 and PC) when it was first announced.

Sure, we knew that it would allow for Versus mode play on the Dead Air and Death Toll campaigns, and that it’d come with a new Survival mode, but really, how much is that to go on? Thankfully, IGN has put out a few videos showcasing what we can expect.

Survival mode will contain 12 separate levels, 11 of which are modified versions of existing set pieces from Left 4 Dead‘s four campaigns; the single new map revolves around a clifftop lighthouse.

The whole point of this new mode is to persevere against waves of infected for as long as possible (in case the name didn’t make it obvious enough). The reward comes in the forms of bronze, silver, and gold medals for each of the 12 levels, and for the record, no one at Valve has made it past 10 minutes yet.

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