See just how much the gameplay has changed in Valkyria: Azure Revolution

Guess it really ISN’T a strategy game…

It’s been clear from the get-go that Valkyria: Azure Revolution is a spinoff from the Valkyria Chronicles series that graced the PS3 and PSP. It is much more anime-y, there are overwrought swords and melee combat, as well as this smaller party system more like a JRPG than a turn-based strategy game.

This demo, which is included in the Japanese release of the PS4 version of the original game, shows you just how different the gameplay is. And it’s pretty different, with apparent zoned instances along a linear track, unless that’s solely reserved for this stage as a kind of tutorial. There are even combat rolls and super Lolita attire. 

Honestly…eh, I am not feeling it. I just replayed the original last year and it holds up real well, especially in how much care was put into each stage and making it distinct in terms of layout and strategy. This is more like an action RPG with live character swap among the three. There’s even a giant enemy crab boss at the end. Oh well. It’s not the game I wanted, but I’ll likely still give it a shot. Otherwise, there’s always XCOM 2 and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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