See how Everybody’s Golf is shaping up for mobile

I’ll get into this if the unlocks aren’t too grindy

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You might recall that Sony has wide-ranging plans to bring properties like PaRappa the Rapper, Wild Arms, and No Heroes Allowed to mobile devices through its ForwardWorks subsidiary. Also on that list of titles is Everybody’s Golf. It’s first in line and it has a new trailer out this week.

Is this what you were expecting from a free-to-play mobile version? This is exactly what I was expecting, for better or worse. Assuming I can get along with the altered-for-touch-controls swing mechanic, I’d be down to mess with Everybody’s Golf if and when it becomes available in the West.

On that note, ForwardWorks has opened pre-registration for iOS and Android users in Japan.

[Via Siliconera]

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