See how Dragon’s Dogma stacks up upgrading from PS3 to PS4

I just want to play Dragon’s Dogma again

Dragon’s Dogma is one of those games I can just go back to at any time. Even if I’m not doing the main story I can just screw around and have fun — and live out my wildest Berserk fantasies (though we’ve since gotten a recent Berserk game that I can do that in!).

Now it’s coming to the current generation, which will make it even easier to mess about in when I don’t have to hook up my Xbox 360. If you aren’t sold at all and want to see how it stacks up, Capcom just put up a PS3 to PS4 comparison video. It doesn’t look like all that much of an upgrade all told, I just hope they’re able to maintain a consistent framerate.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen was released back in 2013 on consoles (2016 on PC), but is set to arrive on Xbox One and PS4 soon.

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