See exactly what’s new in Pokken DX, the Switch upgrade from the Wii U original

I think it’s worth checking out again

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Pokken DX was a pretty strange release in light of Japan’s arcade version. It was actually a pretty decent fighter, and launched with a lengthy story mode, something that’s being stripped more and more from similar games these days. But the low installbase of the Wii U didn’t do it any favors, and the complete lack of long term/DLC plans was a bizarre approach given that it did have greater than expected sales.

So here we are with a “2.0” edition on Switch, and I’d understand if anyone felt like skipping it. By that same token if you never played the Wii U edition now seems like a good time to jump in, and this newly minted clip will show you what’s changed.

We’ll have a review closer to launch to let you know how the transition actually went!

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