Section 8 PS3 launches on PSN today

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Section 8, previously available on Xbox 360 and PC, has finally made its way to the PS3. The game will be launching as a PlayStation Network download later today. Here are some screenshots and footage to get your interested. 

Unlike the Xbox 360 and PC versions, SouthPeak is not publishing on the PS3. The game is being distributed directly by developer TimeGate. The original game was pretty good for what it was, its only issue of course being that not too many people heard of it, which isn’t great for a game so reliant on multiplayer. It’ll probably do better on the PS3, where online gaming seems to work better for smaller titles with Halo distracting everybody. 

We are going to be giving some Section 8 PS3 vouchers away later to boost that player count as well! Stay tuned to Dtoid for that.

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