Section 8 dev diary: ‘burn in’ and jetpacks are important

In Section 8’s sci-fi universe thing, dropping from an aircraft into the field of battle is an important maneuver. If you’ve read or watched anything about the upcoming FPS previously, chances are you probably knew that. “Burn in” is the game’s gimmick. But for all of you familiar, here are some things you might not know courtesy of the new developer diary for the game: weapon and armor loadouts can be switched on the fly or before missions, every soldier comes equipped with a jetpack, space marines eat rocks and hard plastic things instead of “wussy” food like bananas or grapes, and the “Burn in” mechanic was created as a way to avoid spawn camping.

If you’re up for hearing the studio behind the game talk about all of the aforementioned stuff (minus the rock bit), check out the video below the fold. It’s the first in what we’re hoping to be a large series of new looks at the game.

At the tail end of the diary, the game’s executive producer says fans “should look forward to a game that reinvigorates the FPS genre.” Are you guys buying into Section 8 this hard or do you still need to see more?

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