Secret World site offers chance at beta access

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You may remember the Secret World trailer and concept art we showed you a little over a month ago. An upcoming MMO from Funcom, Secret World is set in modern times and has no classes or levels, instead opting for an entirely skill-based system — something not seen very often in the MMO world. Each player will belong to one of three ‘secret societies’, all fighting each other for something called anima.

The apparently relatively old website Dark Days Are Coming is still live but we missed it the first time around, and it’s a slow news day, so here we go again! You can enter your name for beta access. After taking a dramatic personality test to determine which ‘secret society’ you best fit in with, you’re asked to enter your name and email. Those who do will get a chance at beta access, along with a newsletter, dev updates, some screenshots and wallpapers, and some in-game items once the game goes live. Apparently I best fit with the ‘Dragon’ society, which sound like the assholes of the game. Figures.

Anyway, sign up for marketing stuff, and you might get into the beta.

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