Secret of Mana remake’s lovely character art and Japanese cast

It’s like we never lost ’90s instruction manuals

The remake of Square Enix’s classic SNES RPG Secret of Mana is just a few months away. To further whet the appetites of nostalgic thirty-somethings, new art has been released of the game’s major players, along with the Japanese cast for the all new vocal soundtrack.

The artwork has a misty-eyed nostalgia to it, with is muted colours and slightly off-scale heads recalling the art featured in the manuals of many a 16-bit RPG, I would sit in school classes badly sketching characters like these instead of studying algebra or biology, which is how I came to be The Industry’s Chris Moyse today.

I saw a little of the game in action this weekend at the EGX convention, and it seems fans have little to worry about, as it appeared to be a very solid translation of the 1993 title, from its aesthetics, to its mechanics. Only the English dub seems to be raising eyebrows.

Speaking of dubs, here is your Japanese voice cast. Don’t forget to hit the gallery below for the artwork.

Randi – Kenshou Ono
Prim – Nozomi Yamamoto
PoPoi – Emiri Kat
Jema – Eizou Tsuda
Lusa Luka – Rie Kugiyama
Dyluck – Takuya Satou
Vandole – Kenichi Ono
Thanatos – Jouji Nakata
Sheex – Hiromichi Tezuka
Geshtar – Yuuki Ishikari
Fanha – Mie Sonozaki

Secret of Mana launches on February 15 for PS4, PS Vita and PC.

Chris Moyse
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