Parachuting with a gun in hand in Secret Agent HD

Secret Agent HD has stealth infiltrated Steam and GOG

A stealth release just seems too appropriate for this game

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When I was a wee tot, I loved to get on my aunt’s IBM PC compatible workstation and play some of the shareware she had installed on it. The original Duke Nukem and Secret Agent stand out most to me, and while I was most obsessed with the former, I loved the latter, as well.

Of course, I was maybe five or six at the time, so I never got far, but it’s a nice memory that stuck with me all the same.

I’m obviously not the only one with fond memories of the ‘90s puzzle-platformer since Apogee Entertainment has stealth dropped a spiffed-up version today that they have dubbed Secret Agent HD. The “HD” part is maybe a bit questionable since it’s still pixel art. At least they’ve made it look nicer, and now Agent 006 is no longer a weird, grey-skinned Frankenstein’s Monster.

Secret Agent HD Opening

On top of that, a fourth episode has been added to the existing three. Moreover, a level editor with Steam Workshop support has been thrown in. This means you can create and sample additional devious traps.

That amounts to 16 more levels, 7 new enemies, and extra tunes in the soundtrack. Top that with a bottomless source of fan levels. Hopefully, you remember what a floppy disk looks like, because you’ll be collecting plenty of them here.

Secret Agent HD is available right now on GOG and Steam for PC and Linux. You can have it for the paltry sum of $4.99. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to peer pressure you into giving this not-quite-classic a try.

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