Second Red Faction DLC pack announced, multiplayer only

Mars continues to grow. The next piece of Red Faction: Guerilla DLC is on the horizon, and unlike the previous release, this pack aims to sate those with a taste for smacking real players with sledgehammers and camping with sniper rifles. Dubbed “The Multiplayer Pack,” the content is said to add eight maps and two game modes to the core multiplayer component.

The two new modes are called Bagman and Team Bagman. The objective in both is to capture a bag and hold on to it for as long as possible. Think Oddball for Halo 3 if you need a comparison.

A ton of images and a single walkthrough video showing off the content’s locations were released this afternoon. Check out the screens in the gallery and hit the fold for the vid.

The planned launch date for the content is September 17th on both Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PSN Store. The 360 version will cost 560 Microsoft Points, while the PSN version will be $6.99. Those prices are probably equivalent. Or something.

Brad BradNicholson