Second NBA 2K9 teaser tosses an alley-oop to Andre Iguodala [update]

Some of you probably read the title of this post and are asking, “Second? There was a first?” Well, if you missed it, 2K Sports is putting together four teaser trailers for NBA 2K9, and the first one (featuring 2008 NBA Finals MVP Paul Pierce) was released two weeks ago. This next one showcases the talents of Philadelphia 76ers small forward Andre Iguodala, who very recently signed a six-year contract with the team for a reported $80 million.

This game looks better and better each time I see it — check out the visible mesh in Iguodala’s jersey at the 14-second mark! And just look at that wonderfully three-dimensional crowd! In this video, Iguodala tosses a “swing pass, out right, to [point guard Andre] Miller,” and then drives toward the basket to receive an alley-oop pass that gets tipped by a defender before being slammed in for two points. The trailer ends once again with the tagline that looks to be a theme for the game: “Make This Season Matter.”

If you’re frothing with excitement for NBA 2K9, you might want to drink some fluids to replenish your saliva, since you’ll be drooling for a while — the game won’t be out until October 7th (PS3, 360, PS2).

[Update: I’m an idiot and forgot to include the four screenshots that 2K Sports sent over. Check ’em out below!]

Samit Sarkar